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It can also be used as bulletin board!!

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*such as underwear and invited local up sexual lust, even clothes, exposed skin and excessive exposure of underwear and local.
*However, it is deleted (Uncensored obscenity and child pornography) is limited, regardless of what that is against the law.

The following data, please do not because there is a high possibility that could be deemed illegal, an appeal can be uploaded or downloaded.

  • Which are commercially available, such as those that are infringing copies thereof, the copyright and the portrait right
  • Something that is against the law (such as child pornography, obscenity Uncensored)

Thank you for your consideration viewers so that they do not also uncomfortable, do not trample and hardships of the creator, the struggle of the people in order to secure market.

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.jpg, .gif, .png, .swf, .flv, .mpg,
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.zip, .rar, .cab, .pdf

Can be up to 60MB if post is up between 1-2 minutes.
Also, I will not be able to post in a row in less than 3 minutes.

Thumbnail is stored as a JPEG file of horizontal 400pixel.
Post files when the image thumbnail will be automatically created thumbnail field is disabled.
Further, only when the thumbnail is not specified, when the video, I create a thumbnail automatically using the specified frame.

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*different from the "modify password".

Check the "public (searchable)" if they contain, will appear and search the category list, such as ranking.
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If you do not put anything in the title, source file name as the title.

If you put a string of 8 bytes or less "#" characters in the column name, you can generate a CODE. Since the string is encrypted, we can not only generate the same trip himself.

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">>(Number)", ">>(number)-(number)", ">>-(number)", ">>(number)-", If you type, swelling a link to a specific comment.
If you type: "ID:(file ID)", swelling the link to a specific file.
If you enter: "ID:(file ID)>>(number)" and a link to the specific comment swelling of a particular file.
If you type: "LID:(Collection ID)", a link to a custom list of specific swelling.
"Twitter:@(twitterID)" and enter, swelling the link to the account of Twitter.

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Contrary to public policy, intended to encourage crime, but offensive to others, such as the ad is removed.
Such write slander without advice, you may want to remove it is determined that meaningful for creative work.