about "MULTIPP"

It is a site where you can post your work to publish photos and CG, Flash, music, and movies.
You can upload images and SWF, MP3, FLV, MPG, and 3GPP, ZIP files of up to 60MB, we are able to listen or watch on the fly according to the format.
You can also exchange information on the bulletin board for each file.

Feel free to upload.
You put the upload page from the menu.
Beginners welcome creative! Please utilize training and testing, draft, etc. even graffiti!!

The mobile version can be accessed (http://en.multip.net/) URL same.
QR code are also available.

It also supports uploading via email from a mobile phone.

Usage Guide "MULTIPP"

With the "MULTIPP", you can like this.
In addition there is a use of course, here You will explain how to use the main.

On the PC, to publish the songs and videos-painted illustrations and made

You will be able to sharing and upload it to Chipu whole, videos, and songs made illustrations and drawn by yourself, and you want to edit.

  1. You want to provide a file that you created.
  2. You will upload from the upload page of "MULTIP"
  3. Upon a successful upload, URL of the file is displayed upon completion.
  4. If you can upload, you will share with you the message boards and blogs, write to the URL, such as sending mail to other people.

Write the thoughts of files

Writing and the opinions and thoughts of the file that you browse, you will be able to communicate with the person of the author.

  1. If you scroll down the page of the file that you viewed, (You will not be displayed if there is no writing) with a list of board writing under the title BBS
    There is further down the input field.
  2. You can write to fill (comments) what to write your name (such as a nickname) in the input field and press "Write" button.
    *You can not write continuously for 10 minutes and once to write.
    *You can not write if the write-protect or contain keywords are present limits writing.
    *Be considerate heartless comments that do not consider the position and feelings of the other party.


This site is developing a file upload service you can upload files freely.
Service of this site is free for all, no warranty.

For damages suffered due to the use of this web site, the administrator will not be liable.
Please use caution, especially in such communication fee.

Images, etc. are not suitable for the healthy development of young people, we will put an age limit here, regardless of the presence or absence of the hidden password.
If the terminal that is the age verification, you will be able to browse any file age limit.
Also, if you do not have a custom list that age limit, You will not be able to view the file age limit.

They are prohibited from direct file link, such as to image. You redirect all the pages in the file.
Is also prohibited, such as access from external viewer application. Please see all over the web browser.

(Left if access continues to be) will be removed hidden password configuration file that has been uploaded to the site, and half a year has elapsed since the last access.

This web site does not matter if you upload some unfinished as work practice and drafts, such as graffiti.

Files, such as files and invite immoral, and sexual lust, We will delete it at the discretion of the administrator.

The following data, please do not because there is a high possibility that could be deemed illegal, an appeal can be uploaded or downloaded.
These files may be deleted without confirmation uploaded.

  • Which are commercially available, such as those that are infringing copies thereof, the copyright and the portrait right.
  • Something that is against the law (such as child pornography, obscenity Uncensored).

Thank you for your consideration viewers so that they do not also uncomfortable, do not trample and hardships of the creator, the struggle of the people in order to secure market.

Writing to the board with respect to, contrary to public order and morals, shall be conducive to crime, but offensive to others, I will remove the ads and more.
In addition, such as writing a non-constructive slander against no creator, of advice, you may want to remove it is determined that nonsense.